Pendora Club Intense Homme


sweet, musky and spicy for men

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Club Intense Pandora is a well-crafted fragrance. It’s sweet, powdery, and slightly woody, which makes it perfect for colder months or evenings. It’s definitely a comforting scent. Club Intense Pandora EDP opens with a strong and projecting combination of ambrette, iris, lavender, and woods. The ambrette is a particular note that creates a leathery, boozy, cognac-like accord, in this fragrance ambrette is very clear and dominant. Club Intense Pandora is elegance and maturity in a bottle, the smell is simply seductive and rich within its own realm. The “Club Intense Pandora” Eau de perfume for Men is a one-of-a-kind and excitingly sharp and ravishing fragrance.

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